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Compression Push & Lock Waterproof PAL Quick Female Connector

P/N. PF1-710##(G)** PAL Quick Female Connector (1) Compression Push & Lock Waterproof (2) Brass Body (3) Gold or Nickel Finished (4) For RG59/U, RG59 QUAD, RG6/U, RG6 QUAD or RG58/U Cable (5) Insulator: Black/Blue/Green/Red/White/Yellow Color

Compression Tool for Waterproof "F" Connectors

P/N. HT-H518A Compression Push & Lock Tool (1) For waterproof "F" connectors (2) For RG-59/6/4C/5C Cable (3) Compressed Distance 20.30 +/- 0.15mm (4) With a handle lock (5) Tool Length: 5.6" (143 +/- 1mm)

-3 in one Compression Tool for Waterproof BNC/F/RCA Connectors

P/N. HT-H510B 3 in one Compression Push & Lock Tool (1) For waterproof BNC/F/RCA connectors (2) Body are made of low carbon steel with hardened & black oxide finished (3) With adjustment for crimping different length of connectors (4) Works on Augat/T&B Snap-N-Seal connectors, Paladin SealTite connectors, and AIM CATV F waterproof connectors (5) Body Length: 7.7" (195mm)